Overcoming Life Sucking Fear

For most of us, fear rules our day to day lives. It is why we go to the jobs that we hate that don’t fulfil us. It is why we don’t tell our partners what we really want to say about what we need emotionally, spiritually, sexually, financially. It is why we continue the same old dynamics with our family members that leave us feeling frustrated and misunderstood. It is why we agree with our friends opinions out loud but not really in our guts, hearts and minds. It is why we attend things and do things that we actually don’t want to do. Or say things we don’t really believe. It is why most of us go into many day to day situations pretending to be anyone other than our true authentic selves.

Have you ever sat there and asked yourself why you do these things? Why you avoid the tricky conversations? Why you avoid standing up for yourself and imposing some healthy boundaries around your own personal needs and wants? Have you asked yourself if failure, rejection or change would actually kill you? Or why and when you decided that you didn’t matter enough to be heard, seen, loved and held exactly as you are? Or why you feel you are unworthy of living a life you actually passionatley desire to live?

So many of us struggle along in silence. Ticking the perceived needed boxes of what a majority of us call our lives. Relationship…Job…Social Status…Mortgage…Cars.. Counting down the days and minutes we get to clock off work. Leave the family to go see friends. Go on holidays. End the week. End the relationship. Find a relationship. Earn that money.

The “I’ll be happy when …” syndrome.

What if none of that stuff actually meant anything to you in your heart of hearts but you never actually took the time to ask yourself what it is that you do want and need in order to be truly fulfilled?

Susan Jeffers, author of international best seller, Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway; gives the below list of examples of signs that can bring  our attention to what scenarios of our lives we are giving away our power and not taking responsibility of our own empowered option of choice.

Feelings of: anger, impatience, upset, joylessness, fatigue, blaming others, pain, attempting to control others, lack of focus, obsessiveness, self-pity, addictions, envy, judgmentalness, helplessness, disappointment, constant state of limbo, jealousy.

Are you feeling any of these in your daily existence? Be honest with yourself. It is actually exciting if you recognise it. Then you’re prime for growth and change. Well done you!!

I fucking jumped this year. Backed myself. I dove head first into an existence I didn’t even perceive to be possible until I started following my gut. Into my real passion and what drives me and what lights me up. The world of coaching, energy work and helping empower people to understand, heal and nourish themselves. And although I am growing exponentially as a practitioner and as a person I’d be lying if I didn’t say I still deal with fears on a daily basis. However I push through. Despite the ability for me to be even more rejected, have more chances to fail,  be judged, ridiculed and misunderstood more than I ever encountered inside the box that many know as comfortable, what allows me to say fuck the fear and do it anyway?

What do I think are some key elements to stepping into this type of courage as opposed to staying stuck in a life of paralysed fear and partial living.

  1. CLARITY: This does not mean a strict 5 year plan. Ha! I would run from that! I mean find something that lights you up! What does everyone always comment you are good at? Whats the activity or thing you do that helps you forget about all the bs in life? For me, I am clear on what I want and that is what I am going after. For me this clarity is in my chosen career. Life is a journey made up of many facets. Right now I am so clear on what brings me happiness and joy which is my chosen profession and personal growth journey and that is what I am focused on. Conversely in terms of relationships I am still unsure of exactly what I need and want so I have freed myself up to grow outside of that in something I am passionate about. Rather than doing what many of us do and hope that someone or something else outside of us will save us or fulfil us. The power is always within. Trust yourself.
  2. YOUR POSSE: Not always easy I know, but make a conscious effort to weed out the people that don’t make you feel good. If you are constantly dulling your shine or consciously changing your behaviour to fit in – this includes family and work – STEP BACK! I get sometimes stepping away completely is not an option but free yourself up from too much time in situations in which you can’t be your true self. This can be lonely at first I understand from personal experience. But then you get really into the space of being you and you’ll start vibing with and attracting the right crowd before you know it! Promise!
  3. VULNERABILITY: Huge. Massive. Ballsy. Freeing. Scary as FUCK. But oh so worth it. It relates to the above too. Once you allow yourself the space to be you and vibe with your people they will help bring your vulnerability out. Purely because you will feel safe and comfortable. This has been a HUGE one for me. Really letting people step forward. Help me. Save me. Be there for me. Allowing myself to be seen and heard and ask for help even though it is scary. But I took the time to learn who I am safe to do that with. And I have never felt more held, seen, raw, real and loved in my entire life.
  4. YOU TIME:  Check in time. Do the thing that calms you. Sit without distraction. Give yourself the space to differentiate between the voices in your head telling you bullshit and lies about you and allow the voice in your gut to deepen and get louder.  Be fearless in your own company. Allow yourself the time to sit with what you are feeling and work out where the voice of fear is coming from. As science has shown we are born with only two innate fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds – you can bet your bottom dollar the voice telling you bullshit lies isn’t your own. Working out who’s it is gives you the capacity to realise that it isn’t yours and therefore you have the power to decide whether or not it is true for you. (FYI – its not, you’re more than enough) Trust yourself.
  5. MASSIVE IMPERFECT ACTION: All the gurus are using this phrase. Tony Robbins, Oprah,  Gary Vaynerchuk, Grace Lever. Just do something. Even a little thing. Research. Talk to people. Go to a workshop or class. Do a brainstorm or a vision board. Give yourself the opportunity to try. To test the waters. To feel what it feels like to go after what you want. And with every time you step into that space you get that little bit better at taking the leap of faith.

So for me… do I know how it is all going to work out? No. No I don’t. But I trust that it will. Even now when I sit in the fear I have never felt so sure of my path. I have never felt so alive and excited to wake up every day and put my heart and soul into everything I do. I have never before had this capacity to allow myself to be so open and seen and back myself all the way.

I have never believed in myself so much. And that is because I wasn’t being myself so how the fuck was I supposed to believe in that?

Now? Now I trust. And I truly want that for you.

Get in touch.

Love and light, Michelle xxx



I Am Not A Robot

This weeks learning curve has been STEEP!!

I am many things. I am awesome. I am a dreamer. A people person. A healer. A mother. A lover. A comedian. Well you get it. The list goes on….

The one thing I am not – yet – is tech savvy. I say yet as I am a determined little soul and I like to at least give it a shot. Oh and for the 1 billionth time… I am NOT a robot!! Weird world we live in where I have to answer that question multiple times daily 😉

So I have thrown myself into the deep end here, in very unfamiliar territory. In a world of widgets and plug-ins and stock photos and cookies – not the good kind – slugs and more acronyms than I care to remember. And it is as crazy as a three year olds birthday party after the piñata has exploded.

I realise at 31 years of age, I was indeed part of the generation of tech savvy children. However, growing up in country Western Australia, I like to joke I technically was approximately 10 years behind the rest of the western world and therefore I am more like a 41 year old. This holds true for some of my jokes, terminology and music choices; but when many grandparents are indeed better versed at this than I, I think my excuses are running out fast.

So here I am, doggy paddling around looking for the ladder so I can exit the water before I drown. Sometimes seemingly going around and around and around in circles never really getting to the destination I had in mind. This type of thing could send me into meltdown. I am talking good old fashioned melt down. Whereby I can see my smaller child self getting ready to stamp her foot and scream for MUUUUUUMMMMMMM!!! Lol bad idea. Probably the only person on the planet less up with this stuff than I. (Love you Mumma – I am definitely your daughter!)

So instead I thought, I need to put this into perspective. Am I going to die from this? No. So why am I so attached to the outcome? Well there is the loaded question…

I am creating my website. All of my new adventures are coming together so I can channel my energy in the forward direction. It has been a huge couple of weeks for me and I have a fire in my belly like never before. I have completed even more Reiki healing courses and have committed to exploring Pellowah – yet another modality for energy healing. Its such an amazing world I have stepped into. You can really see the possibilities only end where your imagination does. So yeah, I definitely now believe in my vision and my ability to achieve it. And I have got to a place in which I feel like WHY NOT!?

How many of us have a dream? An ideal scenario for our lifetime? In any or every area of your life. But we let the fear stop us from going after it. What will people think? What if I fail? What if I succeed? What if it is hard? What if it doesn’t work out exactly as I planned? What if, what if, what IF???

All driven by fear. So I decided at this point in time. Who gives a shit?! What if any of those things happen. This journey is about me and the relationship I have with myself and where I am sitting, it would be a disservice to myself if I didn’t give it a shot. Because what’s the alternative?

Always wondering what could have been if I trusted myself and my souls journey and just gave it a go?

So in answer to all my above fears and excuses… What others think essentially is irrelevant – The ones I want around me will be supportive; It is only failure if I don’t try; If – no, not if but when – I succeed again, the people that should be there will be; Of course it will be hard at times – all things that are worth having take time, love, patience and effort; I choose to trust that everything will work out exactly as it should. I choose to no longer be ruled by fear.

~ What if I fall? But Darling, what if you fly?

And fly I will. If you feel inclined pop up to the menu bar and select the SOULBOUND dropdown. Another little adventure I have decided to undertake to broaden my horizons and find my own personal niche in this amazing shift that is taking place in the world.I am so excited to be a part of a change that encourages people to be true to themselves. To be free.

But whatever your desires, I am curious to know if you are living them out in some way to fulfil your soul? To make your heart sing. To you believe in you and your ability to have the life you dream of?

I believe in you. Fear gets you nowhere. It keeps you stuck. Faith and belief is where its at:)

Much love, Michelle xxx