This blog was a major step toward this path that I am now on. The path I now want to share with you. Truth is I signed up for this long before I was consciously aware. Long before I knew the unbelievable riches and freedoms this new way of being is bringing into my world.

So why are you here and what’s on offer?

If you’re asking that EXCELLENT! I’m glad you’re still here. What I am offering THREE curious souls is an opportunity to experience a taste of the healing journey I am on. With my own little twist. And on top of all of it – this is completely FREE! A life changing experience for only the cost of your time (2 hours once a month for 3 months) and an open mind, heart and soul to the process.

So what is the process?

Well I am a qualified energy healer. I am trained in Traditional Usui Reiki and I did so at the Om Reiki Centre under the Reiki Master and all round Guru, Jeremy O’Carroll. Here’s a link to check his awesome work out.

Secondly, I am currently undertaking a course in Eryka Stantons Soul Academy called Consciousness Coaching. Here’s a link to her website.

An internationally recognised soul coach and psychic, Eryka has developed her own style of holistic life coaching which enables us as coaches to empower the client with the tools to rid themselves of their limiting beliefs and live the life they always dreamed of. Unlocking their soul power to a freedom and happiness like nothing else.

I am living proof of this change. And if you’re still with me, I encourage you to read some of my blogs to see the massive shifts and increases in awareness that have occurred in my life.

So what’s my twist? Through many years of working with people; through my experiences in life; through my many many many retreats, courses, therapy sessions, psychotherapy and now these new modalities I’m immersed in, my niche is my understanding of the processes from both sides of the fence. I want to combine these two modalities to create a SUPER SOUL SESSION in which we use the coaching tools to nut out the issues and proactively shift them, followed by the reiki healing to nourish balance and strengthen you so you can take this new found awareness and insight out into the world with a BANG!

Amazing right! Well I’m excited! So jump on board the train and let’s head SOULBOUND. I promise you won’t regret it! If you’re interested drop me an email at

But really there’s no reason not to! Except for this round. You need to be a resident of Melbourne, Australia. But never fear after this initial stage the world is my oyster and distance healing is very much alive and thriving!

So drop me an email, get the details and make 2017 your year to ignite your soul power and shine!!

Much love, Michelle xx


So who am I? Why would you want to read this blog? What makes my stories and advice interesting or valid? Well the answers and opinions are up to you. I can only tell you from my perspective. You know the old biased opinion…..

I am Michelle House. I am a mother, a student, a life enthusiast, a hospitality worker, a singleton, a lover, a thinker and a Pisces. I love a lot of things. My children, music, men, fashion, travel and making people smile and feel loved. I see the good in life and in people and like every other human on this earth, I have a story. A story that makes me uniquely me. That has given me my character and helped to shape my points of view. I am forever learning, discovering, growing and changing.

I created this blog as I feel it’s part of my journey. Within it I desire to share some of myself. To be open, thoughtful, honest, raw, vulnerable, helpful, inspiring, annoying, funny, educational or whatever you take from it. If you have any emotive response to something I have written then I shall be happy. After all what is life without feeling.

I hope you take something from this blog. Even if it’s a what not to do. Through expressing, sharing and allowing, humans feel connected and that is why I believe we are all here. So I hope you enjoy sharing in my journey as much as as I am enjoying sharing it.

Love Michelle

2 thoughts on “SOULBOUND

  1. FGM says:

    I am very excited to read your future blogs, your heartfelt experiences, your honesty, your love for life and precious people you love, and your honesty, Love, FGM 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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