Chemical Heart

So as I sat at my crystal and candle shrine channelling the new moon energy tonight, I wrote my 5 new moon intentions for this moon cycle. My coach Eryka encouraged me when my response to another text showed her straight away I was a bit foggy. You know when you overcompensate. Like I’m just so fucking fabulous and happy right now and everything is peachy keen. I am 100% definitely not in my shit today!

Well, she saw right through this attempt and gave me the above proactive task to shift my focus to something worth engaging in. It’s so common for emotions to be high at this point of the moon cycle. Even if you think I’m a nut job here, think about the power of the moon. It’s gravitational pull controls our oceans  tides, it brings us light in an otherwise pitch black night, and many people throw around comments of people going a tad weird around the full moon aspect of the cycle.

In fact, multiple studies have discovered strong positive correlations between increases in crime rate on the nights of a full moon. But as all energy, there are light and shadow aspects depending on the individual and where they are at in there own personal journey. Mother Nature however, sees the new moon as a time for renewal. A chance to regenerate, restore and nourish. She channels it into the light aspect. Hence why it is a perfect time to cleanse your crystals, spaces and yourself if you are open to it.

Any way…. Massive digression there 🤓

One of my 5 intentions was to attract a loving, caring, spontaneous, passionate and safe man into my life. No rush but these intention things can take time for the universe to deliver, so I thought I’d get in early to show the forces I am at least open to it.  I am definitely over and beyond the bs now. I know what I deserve and I know one day we will find eachother. But there has definitely been a little nagging thought in the back of my mind fuelled by my perception of information I had recieved around chemistry in a therapy session.

Is it possible to have BOTH passion and safety?

I thought I got a brief glimmer of this at one point, but it was all smoke and mirrors as it turned out to definitely not be a safe place to invest my heart. So in my experience, the answer has been no. I have experienced either one or the other. And honestly, I’m confused as to which I prefer.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a massicist. Obviously safety within a relationship is an essential part of the dynamic in order for it to be healthy, but in my opinion so is a healthy sex life. And not just sex. But passion in life, in each other’s stories and interests, in keeping the love alive and the want to grow together. So damn it, I want both!

So in comes the universe. It honestly blows my mind on an hourly basis most days. When your plugged in, it’s quite amazing how we’re all entwined. The people we come across to learn our lessons. Whether it be for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Last night, I ended up somewhere unexpected in quite a random manner too. It all just happened quickly and as I tend to do, I just went with it. It was a night like a choose your own adventure book. Never a dull moment. Anyway, so I come across this guy. And he was intriguing to say the least.

He was quite a dominant personality, which I can at times not feel like being around when everyone is trying to mingle, but this guy had my full attention. He was a very knowledgable guy who had honestly crammed so much into his 40 years in terms of careers and degrees, you couldn’t help but take your hat off to him. So when it evolved he was also a trained psychotherapist, I was in for the long haul. Because my sessions are all about my stuff, I’ve never really delved into why she does certain things she does. So my questions were flying at him. I’d say poor bloke, but he actually didn’t seem to mind the 50 questions. And the answers were all well worded and carefully considered so I quickly trusted his professional judgement.

So then the four barrelled question I was dying to ask. Does he believe it is possible to have both strong chemistry or passion AS WELL AS the feeling of being safe within a long term relationship? Or is that intense passion or chemistry we feel with someone, actually not a good sign of long term success? Is it more of a lust thing, that then wears off as you get to know them and realise you’re the only one who cleans up the clothes on the floor that you just ripped off eachother?

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘You don’t want to marry the hottest sex guy’. Those really intense sexual energy pulling types are likely to be energetically picked up on by many other hopeful girls looking for that sexual bliss. But from my life time and listening to my friends, in the healthiest and most long term relationships, the sex was good. There was love, care, concern and still happy endings. But rarely have I heard these situations to be with that one time or person that their girl parts will never forget. Or that it stays passionate and exciting.

Anyway,  as I finish my speal, he was looking at me with an excited expression. When he spoke, I got why. He was telling me my dreams can indeed come true. And the term for this love connection is the ‘Euphoric Love’. Which by the way, is whatever you desire it to be. It’s your ultimate. You’re ideal. And barring you’re after something completely out of the ordinary, these types of relationships are 100% possible. If you’re both willing to put in the time, love and effort.

Well thank YOU Doc! That’s all the encouragement I needed!

He went on to tell me how my chances increase immensely from the work I am doing on myself and also a couple of tell tale signs that you found your one. It should actually just always feel normal.  Comfortable. Like home. But then spark with a kiss. Sex will feel like you can’t even remember if there was anyone else you had ever been with,  but not in a lustful intense way, in a safe, loving and pleasurable way that just grows and grows with the rest of your compatible and loving connection.


I had to walk away at the point and calm myself down. I mean this guy not only described my bliss, he told me it’s realistic. Achievable. And that I should aim for the stars.

What a gorgeous human being! I just love how lucky I am to consistantly meet so many amazing people on my journey.

And as I mentioned this sentiment to him, he floored me again with a phrase that I always say. ‘Well of course Michelle. Like seeks like.

Mind officially over excited and blown!

It just keeps on coming! Exciting times! Wishing you all your ‘ Euphoric Love’ match.

Much love, Michelle xxx

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