What’s Your Worth?

One of the trickier balancing acts of adulting in my opinion can be finances. And I don’t mean necessarily always having enough to cover the bills and live the lifestyle you desire. But it’s the whole concept. Are you working to live or living to work?

A common healthy lifestyle term thrown around these days is the phrase “work-life balance”. This happy state in which one exists whereby they are content with the trade-off for hours worked and hence money earned, with how much family or leisure time they receive. How many people though, feel they have this balance right? Now I would say just from talking to people in my world, it’s not too many. Not too many at all.

So lately, as I’ve been delving into this world of growth and change a new concept keeps arising. I mean I have listened to people mention it before but I guess now I am ready to hear it. So you ready…? What if you actually incorporated what you enjoy into what you do!?

I know, I know. It’s not mind blowing or a new school of thought. But for me, I don’t think I had ever got this until now. And it’s a huge element of why I feel my personal emotional, spiritual, mental and financial state are all now in the best shape of my life. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s always room for improvement but I can really see how this shift in mindset has reshaped my whole world.

I have always had an interesting relationship to money. I think I feared it. I grew up on a cattle farm and like many Australian farmers, life wasn’t a walk in the park. Money was often a big stress within the family and the culmination of old Mother Nature not playing ball and the nature of the industry, led to us losing the farm in my adolescence. Neither right nor wrong, from those experiences I learned many fears. In my mind money created instability, hurt my father and mothers self worth immensely and caused tension and at times jealously at what others had.

But life is funny like this. It presents opportunities for growth always. If you chose to see their worth.

So fast forward a number of years and I find myself in a relationship with the father of my children. He came from a very different experience and mindset. He and his family lived in ways and experienced things that I often hadn’t even dared to dream of. In my mind, that lifestyle, those experiences weren’t meant for me. It was an exciting new world of fancy dinners, overseas holidays, lovely material items and endless future opportunities. Honestly, I fell into it all quite quickly. It’s an easy place to get a quick fix of all the things you think you want. But I can honestly say, I learnt first hand how money does in no way on its own, make your soul happy.

Dont get me wrong. These people earned what they have. They are talented and work incredibly hard to live the way they do. They are good people. For me it was just so different to my experience thus far,  that there were three major lessons I clearly needed to learn.

Lesson One: Don’t begrudge others for having things you don’t. I know we all like to think we’re nice as pie and would never do this, but if you’re really honest I bet you have at some point wanted something others have or wondered why they got it and you didn’t. What others have is theirs. Regardless of anything. Any spin you put on it. Silver spoon. Luck. Hard work. Talent. A combination of the above. However they got it, it’s theirs. And their success no way detracts from your ability to be successful. The financial success makes them no different from you. You are equally as worthy. There is plenty to go around.

Lesson Two: A good relationship with money is essential. If you don’t appreciate what you have, why would you attract any more? It’s really as easy as that. Louise Hay says bless your bills, for the respect given by the provider of the service to believe you are capable of paying them. Treat your money with respect and it will in turn do the same.

Lesson Three: Money is transitional. It comes and goes. It is replenishable. It does not define you, your abilities or your worth. You could sit there with millions of dollars but if you still don’t love yourself and love what you chose to do in your life everyday you are lucky enough to grace this earth, guess what!? You will not be happy.

This last one, I have been taking my own advice a lot lately. This weekend I took a reiki course. It was amazing. I always feel at my best when I can help others, spread love and show people they are connected. I never want anyone to feel alone in this world. So, I am gearing my career into fulfilling my core needs to feel at peace. And it makes all the sense in the world to me, even if I don’t make a lot of cents. But I honestly believe if you are true to you, the richness will come in many forms.

I wanted to leave this post today with a letter my dad sent me. He is a beautiful man. A good, strong, loyal, hardworking man who had a bloody tough experience when it came to money. I think for men, a lot of self worth is tied up in providing. It’s understandable. It’s  a biological evolutionary driving force in their genetic make up. So when he sent me this, I don’t think there is a person better to highlight to me what is really important in this world. I hope it resonates with you too.

Light, abundance and prosperity to you all

Much love, Michelle






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