It Won’t Rain On My Parade

This morning I was on my walk, looking all around as I do and taking it all in. It was a cracker winters day. As I glanced up to the sky to appreciate the suns rays on my pale face I was deep in thought about how it feels weird when absolutely nothing is wrong in my life. Not weird bad or good just a feeling I’m not used to having. Because until now I haven’t allowed it.

Momentum in life is a powerful tool. It’s so exciting and inspiring when all the little seeds you’ve planted in the Autumn have burrowed in. The root systems are in place and they’re starting to weave their magic building the strong foundations throughout the ground I will be growing from. Spring is just around the corner and I am on track to flower bigger and brighter than any other spring I’ve lived.

I have had a few people reach out to me of late. This alone gives me a deep sense that I am going on the right path in life. To have people respect and trust in your opinion, advice or guidance, I believe, is really the highest honour in this world. The resounding thing I am hearing is a common thread of feeling overwhelmed or lost in direction. Seemingly polar opposites yet I believe come from the same foundation. An uncertainty in how to navigate the busy and unfulfilled lives many of us are living. Doing too many things that don’t make us happy and not enough that truly do nourish the soul. Now I in no way think I have all the answers. But what I do know is the shift that has happened in my world. That and I care. I genuinely want to share what I learn to help others break free and feel happy, fulfilled and in love with themselves.

So today I thought I would share some of the people I find inspiring and those that have helped me get to where I am and where I am going. Do with it what you will.

Louise Hay – a well known spiritual guide and founder of Hay House, I came across her through another amazing woman I will mention shortly. I was put on to her book You Can Heal Your Life. Life changing to say the least. If you’re not a reader get it as an audio book and listen. The bits you are ready to hear will get through. I also highly recommend following her on Facebook. It’s quite astounding to me how her positive affirmations and mindfulness activities can often change my day around for the better. Here’s a link to her e-book if you’re interested.

Linda B: an amazing psychotherapist, reiki master and spiritual guide, I have been blessed to work with one on one. If you’re in Australia or want to come here for mindfulness experiences, definitely get in touch. Check out her page below for all her mindfulness and nourishment retreats.

Eryka Stanton: Soul Coach and Psychic and Energy worker and the founder of my Consciousness Coaching Course. Eryka is based in Melbourne but does Skype work world wide and looks to help individuals to let go of who they think they need to be a realign with their true self. Their soul. You can check out her work, her soul-blog and many interesting affiliates and articles through her website link below.

Quantum Physics: If you prefer a more scientific based approach to the spiritual take. There is so much research on the field of Quantum Physics. This page below updates their articles regularly with new interesting research done by more modern scientific methodology and approaches.

Sjana Earp: I find this girl completely inspiring. Go check her out. Instagram, FB and YouTube all have endless hits when you type in this name if you don’t know it already. But look past what you think you see and read some of her blogs, her poetry and her story. An amazing, inspiring, intelligent and yes stunning woman who you can’t help but be amazed by.

The People: Just by putting my interest out there, I have been beyond blown away with the response and connections I am making. People from every corner of the globe contacting me with beautiful words and well wishes. There are so many amazing inspiring people out there. We are a world full of greatness if that is what you choose to look for. You could start here by going through my list of who I follow on Instagram. Beautiful caring people shining their individual light on the world.

There is no deep seeded reason in which I think you should listen to what I have to say. For I have no agenda. I do not think I know more or am better than anyone else. I think there are many brilliant and inspirational people with very similar mantras spreading their light though the world. If I can just positively affect even 1 person in their life’s journey I would be more than happy. I believe the reason there are so many people spreading a similar message is because in order to actually hear it, different people need different delivery. It could be the energy behind it, the standing in which they hold the person delivering the information, the exact way it is said, the humour that comes with it, the seriousness that comes with it, the religion behind it; whatever it is different people will just gravitate to different delivery. I can only be me and deliver my message in my way.

And just to clarify I believe the core message is to Love Yourself. Everything else will follow.

When this is realised, one will see what is good over bad and treat those around them with the same love and light in which they treat themselves. That is the epitome. Something to grow towards without ever blaming yourself for the lessons learnt along the way. You are doing and have done your best with what you know and have experienced. You create your reality. You are in control of your happiness. You are enough.

If there is even a hint of anything happening within you right now, I encourage you to sit with the feeling. What is it stiring up inside you? I in no way expect anything from this. You are reading, but why? Why do you want this for you? Try to identify the feeling. Are you warm, curious, happy, perplexed, interested, frustrated, angry, sad, blaming? Really be honest with yourself. Ok so you’re feeling it. Do you like to feel that way? If yes would you like to foster and grow that internal gratitude or if no would you like to change it? Now what?

This is where I find from experience things can get fearful, because now we need to act on it. Actually take some steps toward growing or change. If that is what you want. Only you know that. I think an amazing step would be to open some of the links I have shared above and check out some of the content. You may have seen it before. It may not interest you. It may not be delivered in the right way. But at least energetically you have taken steps to open your mind to the experience and the growth. Without any judgement or expectation. Just a hope that it spreads a bit of love and light.

So back to the featured image of today. As I glanced up to the sky on my walk, I saw this image that made me burst out laughing. There is always some stormy grumpy ass cloud trying to rain on your parade. It’s up to you if you let it. Or you can look at it and see the beauty that lies within the storm and just wait for it to pass while you dance in the rain. So that’s a little insight into how my mind works and what I saw from this image.

Beauty and wonder is all around. Give yourself the time to appreciate whatever it is that brings you joy.

Put yourself first. For you are important and worthy of everything your heart desires.

And don’t let asshole clouds rain on your parade.

Much love, Michelle xxx

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