No Regerts

I have this innate ability to get myself into situations that end up giving me the best stories. My life is a series of not so graceful yet hilarious occurances in which I often look back at wondering how I actually ended up there. It wouldn’t be uncommon to hear friends or family say ‘of course that happened to you’ or ‘only Housey would do that/say that/ get herself into that situation’. Trusting of everyone, never one to say no, slightly unsure of my limits and living with foot in mouth disease will do that. No regerts though – Pun intended, as this one relates to my ink.

With two tattoos already, this weekend I got serious about doing the research for my third. I get the multiple differing views on the topic, but essentially mine is the only one that matters and I personally love the two I have. They both, as per me, have great stories behind them. With all this growth and change going on in my life, it didn’t surprise me when those close questioned if I would now get them removed or covered up due to the memories they can trigger. But to that I say Hell No! I am who I am, because of my experiences so why would I want to change any of that!

However, this time around I will learn from my experiences and look a little further into what permanent thing I am about to get drawn on my body. The other huge thing to think about is placement. I was lucky enough to be schooled on this by a pro. The one thing that the pro told me that I don’t live by though, is sharing with others about the stories behind my ink. Apparently, it can be seen as rude or intrusive to ask about ones ink, I was informed. Therefore I don’t ask others. But as per my personality if others ask me, I share.

The Piscean Constellation on my right shoulder is quite self explanatory. It was R U OK day here in Australia, a day in which we are encouraged to check in on those we love to encourage anyone struggling with any issues to speak up. Great initiative. Anyway, the person on the radio said if you’re feeling a bit sad, stop the car right now and go do something for yourself. So I stopped the car and got a tattoo. Ha! As you do. Well, as I do;)! I have been asked about this ink but always as a what constellation is that kind of way. Except the young pro footballer who was making fun of me for getting the Southern Cross tattooed on my back, as I shepherded him and his teammates to get to the bar for a drink. Well let’s just say I couldn’t help the flow of sarcasm that came out of my mouth.

But it’s the first tatt I ever got that continues to bring me much giggles and laughter on a frequent basis. Ironically, a lot of thought was put into the symbols. BUT that research was put in when it was all a pipe dream. And I believe in a slightly inebriated state also. So it’s not surprising really, that the research didn’t pay off.

So if you didn’t or haven’t already, go back and take a look at the tattoo on this blog posts featured image. This is the tattoo in question. I love it. It’s brilliant, unique and no one else I believe would have it. Why would I think that, because they are symbols that represent my name meaning. Therefore they’re irrelevant to most. Not one language or graphic in particular either, just symbols I liked that corresponded to the three birth names I was given and the meanings behind those names.

Michelle and Louise were relatively easy. House not so much. I didn’t just want a picture of a house so I eventually picked a symbol that merged my star sign and my surname. I got this tattoo done by an amazing artist in Byron Bay. Feel free to contact me if you want her details.

So I go get the tatt and go on about my life without changing too much, except for maybe how much I roll up my sleeves πŸ™ŠπŸ˜

And then it began. It started at uni. I was in class and I put my hand up to ask the lecturer a question. Another student interrupted. ‘Michelle, is that a Harry Potter tattoo!’ The whole class erupted into laughter and chatter. I was laughing equally as hard but I managed to get out that I have neither read nor seen any of the Harry Potter books or movies. I think I lost about 10 friends immediately. Passionate bunch those HP fans! However, one kind girl informed me it was very close to the Deathly Hallows symbol and that it made me look like a hardcore fan.

Honestly, that was over a year ago now and I still haven’t read or watched any Harry Potter. Sorry people.

But I swear this does now happen to me at least a couple of times a week. Especially now I’m in hospitality. But this isn’t the best of it. No, me looking like the most possessed HP fan despite knowing nothing of it is not what is actually really funny about my Tatt.

The next chapter only unfolded more recently as I was sitting with my friend and her husband back home at Christmas. Over a glass of vino and a long overdue catch up, I was displaying my new ink for conversation. My friends husband is not only a very intelligent Senior University Lecturer in the School of Media, Culture and the Creative Arts, but writes unbelievably beautifully and basically just knows a lot of shit about a lot of shit. He is one of those people you want on your table at a quiz night. He agrees the symbol is close to the HP symbol for the Deathly Hallows but it is not this symbol of the three he seems interested by.

As I relay the thought process behind the final symbol, I can see the wave of uncontainable amusement wash over his face. I had said, ‘it is a combination of my water sign Pisces and that of a house – I couldn’t believe my luck when I found the symbol for a Waterhouse!’

‘Michelle, you know what that is right? Like historically, what a Waterhouse is?!’ Clearly I did not! Nope, not even a clue. So it turns out the third symbol on my awesomely unique tattoo is…

The symbol for a TOILET!!

Yep, Ofcourse that happened to Housey!

I crack me up!

Laugh at yourself. Everyone else will regardless!

Much love, Michelle xxx





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