Free To Be Me

There is a cafe near my house, that has been a feature in some key moments of my life here in Melbourne. Without it meaning to be. Without any orchestrated effort. Key life events have occurred in this very spot that I am typing from right now. I like to write here so I feel out and about. Like I am part of the world that is going on around me. That, and the WIFI in my house is ridiculously slow and intermittently non-exinsistant. Also, I don’t make great coffee.

This cafe is a place I had my first breakfast out when we moved over. The place I had my first breakfast with my now ex. The place I sat and wrote my first ever blog. The place I was sitting out the front of in my car with the rain pouring down and my tears equally as flowing, on Wednesday night to access their internet so I could get some important documents off for my next venture in life. The place, I am sitting in right now writing this piece to you before I head off for my first day at my new course.

Considering it starts today, I thought I would get up early, treat myself to breakfast and write down how I am feeling. Then I wanted to add to that the aftermath of my first day, just like I did for my first ever blog. Reflection is key to growth as is gratitude. Right here, right now I feel so much gratitude. For my waking up this morning. For my ability to start the day feeling warm and safe in my home. My freedom to be able to attend the course and be encouraged and free to learn. For my porridge with poached pear and pistachios and most of all for COFFEE;)

I am actually surprised. I do not feel in the slightest bit nervous. Maybe that will kick in as I pull up out the front. Or maybe that is because I am finally on the right path and my whole being knows it. I am feeling calm and confident on my ability to be the best I can be. And if/when there are hiccups along the way, I am feeling calm and confident in my ability to realign and learn and grow from those experiences. I mean if I have survived everything I have and still come out winning thus far, things can only get better.

I read the most amazing blog post last night I want to share. About a different way of looking at our wounds. Everyone has wounds. And what may really affect one soul could be brushed off my another. But you can never discount how something affects someone as it is all relative to their experience. The beauty of this article was to look at the hurt from a different perspective. To look at it from a place that within the wound lies your treasure. Your gift. On the deepest level, everything, even seemingly bad experiences, happen for a reason. Anyway, take a look. I thought it was beautiful.

Ok. Fast forward 9 hours and I am sitting on my couch at home after my first day of training to becoming a Consciousness Coach. And can I say, I was BLOWN AWAY! On every level. Firstly, the instructor. She is just the warmest, sweetest, kindest, funniest lady you could come across. At no point in the 7 hour day did I zone out or lose interest in what was happening. She was so interesting and engaging and I am beyond privileged she is my mentor. Secondly, all the other people in my group. Just beautiful! Thirdly, the content. Sensational. It really is a game changer and a new way of looking at healing ourselves to realign with our true selves in a real and tangible way that is able to be integrated into every day life. Because it comes completely from within.

No 10 steps to happiness with no thoughts to your individual circumstances, no formal must do or you fail approach, just working on you, with you, completely for you. Eryka Stanton is her name. She has collated so much knowledge and personal experience in her time on this planet and she has brought it all together Β with the intent to share it with likeminded individuals looking to help people heal themselves from a very core, soul based level. That is right, teach people how to heal themselves. Not to do it for them, or give strategies to follow in order to structure your life to get what you want. No you do it yourself through the guidance offered. She teaches how to integrate it into your day to day life to allow you to not only realign with your true self but to maintain the changes and continue the growth. To strip away your ego and who you think you are, lose your need to be seen a certain way by others and allow yourself to be truly yourself and therefore truly happy. I think this is amazing. So many of us want quick fix approaches to feel better but the truth is you have put a lot of time and energy into sitting with the feelings you experience. You need to put just as much time and energy into changing the patterns that don’t work for you. If you’re interested in her work, check her out at

For me, it just resonated. I was not expected to act in any particular way, talk in any particular way or think in any particular way. In fact I was encouraged to speak before I thought. This is one of my strongest skills so I nailed it in that aspect lol. But really I just think it is so exciting. Not just for me but for the world. We need it. So many people are looking for it. For some understanding and guidance without feeling like they have to lose themselves and their likes and preferences in order to fit the mould of the people guiding them. You are just free to be you and find your true purpose.

For me, this is actually beyond mind blowing. If you remember, that is exactly what I said I wanted to find through my journey. Something I felt safe in that was from within myself, to guide me to be true to my true self. My soul. And here it is. Presenting itself to me on a platter. More proof that if you put it out there with love and good intention, things come full circle and help guide you through life. For in those darker hard times, we learn the lessons we need to learn in order to grow.

And the best part. It will never end. My journey is infinite. So if I get to have these wins now, imagine where this mindfulness will take me!

Be kind, love strong, be curious, be brave, be you:)

Much love, Michelle xxx


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