Hello From The Other Side

We have all had those experiences that you can’t quite explain. Deja Vu, the feeling of “someone walking over your grave” or perhaps even what felt like a sign, message or a visit from someone who has passed over. I think regardless of how open you are to this topic, if you really thought about it, there would be at least one scenario in your life that you could not explain with “facts” and modern day science –  I put facts in inverted commas as I find this term to be extremely debatable. Everything comes down to  an individuals perception anyway, in my opinion.

I personally have experienced these types of phenomena on many occasions. Sometimes I just feel like I have met someone before, or I remember a certain place well even though I have never been there in this lifetime and many other unexplained scenarios. Whilst always intriguing and important to me, it’s the following experiences I have had that I hold very dear.

One of the first I remember well would be of my late Nan. She passed as I was pregnant with my eldest child and I was devastated that they were never going to meet. The last thing she said to me in her final days was that she hoped I would have a girl. I didn’t that time around and I know she would’ve been completely besotted regardless, but I just knew she meant that that was her avenue of coming back into my life in some way. Funnily enough, my cousins wife did in fact have a girl two months before my son was born and there have been multiple times I have thought to myself, my god she is Nan all over! What is that when we are so similar to someone from generations before? Yes, I understand the generic link, but small things like facial expressions, gestures, specific mannerisms that are not necessarily passed on by the gene pool or environmental stimulus. It just shows how connected we are doesn’t it. Subconsciously even. Blows my mind….

The second experience I remember well was a late dear friend, we lost in a car accident. Losing someone so popular and young was harrowing and after the funeral we all spent the night comforting each other and telling stories about our lost friend. It got late and despite most people staying up to reminisce and jam with the band as he did so well, I was exhausted and took myself off to bed. I had conceded this one day to wearing a Collingwood scarf as they were his team which he was extremely passionate about. I wrapped myself up in the scarf and cried myself to sleep. Now I can only say this how I experienced it. Somewhere in the night I felt awake. I felt his presence and I felt him grab me up in one of his massive big bear hugs he was famous for, to make sure I was alright and to let me know he was too. I was so grateful for that moment and I will honestly never believe it was any other way than how I remember it.

The latest experience though, blew my mind epically. In a great way, but I know I will never be the same again. My whole world and mindset has opened up to a multitude of realities and I’m excited for my journey in this new arena. It happened on my retreat weekend recently in New South Wales. I could feel I was coming toward the end of my Reiki session and I was slightly agitated by that fact as I hadn’t felt like I had settled down properly at all. I felt the gentle pressure of the therapists hands squeezing me to alert me to the sessions end but instead of moving away as usual to let me rouse, I could feel her standing next to me.

As I slowly opened my eyes she checked in to see how I had found the session as I had been snoring. I laughed out loud and explained how I had felt like I had never actually settled down. What she told me next I did not see coming. She told me that she would not normally pass this information on but the person present was determined to let me know they were there. It was my grandfather.

I immediately felt tears welling up in my eyes. She spoke of how he wanted me to know he had seen the hurt and trials my life had endured of late and he wanted me to know he was there for support and guidance. It was overwhelming. It was amazing. I didn’t know how to react. Obviously there was more to what was said but the underlying and remarkably overwhelming thing for me was just knowing he was there. To know someone is there watching over me. Watching out for me. What a gift. What a blessing.

His strong, firm and practical energy but a big hit of cuddly protective love was being offered to me whenever I need it. And I can tell you throughout my life but particularly in the last two years there have been so many times I have needed that. So Gramps, I am forever grateful. I do speak to him now and ask him for his guidance on many topics. And I have definitely felt like my resilience and strength have become even stronger of late.

What is this down to, I can’t be sure. Is it simply that I now feel capable with this perceived back up and support? Is it possible the whole thing isn’t real? I guess that is possible. But anything is possible right? So if it’s possible that it isn’t real then it can definitely be possible that it is.

And I choose to believe the latter. I have long believed our souls live on and our continuum revolves around the lessons our souls need to learn for enlightenment and to bring our own little unique skills to the world. The body is just the vessel we use while we are here. Many of us treat our bodies with respect but forget about our souls. Don’t forget to be unique, be yourself and never apologise for who you are and what you are. You are enough.

Me, I’m beyond blown away. I pride myself on being open to all experiences and look what is coming my way. So many positive and exciting adventures to be had. And getting to share them with the beautiful energy that is my Gramps, just makes it all the more special….

I am truly blessed ☺️

Much love, Michelle xxx


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