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And just like that, I changed direction. I didn’t even see it coming. I would previously have never thought it was possible. I would never have before thought I was capable. But now I know. Hopes and dreams really do come true. As long as you believe.

This week I had a huge win in my life. One I know is putting me in good stead for my future. I was accepted into a course that will not only show me how to become a fully fledged LifeCoach but I will be mentored on how to turn this skill into my very own business focusing on exactly who I want to help and how I want to help them. I am beyond excited. I am over the moon and mostly I am so proud of myself for putting myself out there to be considered.

That has always been the hardest part for me. So what was it that made me decide to take the plunge and just go for it? Well it was a series of events actually. But I put myself in a position to take advantage of these timely signals by having my eyes, ears, heart and faith open to opportunity.

Firstly, I would say it is a new man in my life. I didn’t see him coming either and I definitely didn’t think I would jump in again to the craziness that is romance this quickly. But, here we are. So what is it about him that makes me want to keep him around? Well many things actually *insert girly giggles – but one thing I love and I’m not sure I’ve experienced like this  before, is someone who believes in me. He takes genuine interest in my interests, goals, hopes and dreams without ever making me feel silly or incapable of achieving anything I set my mind to. He makes me want to be the best version of me, even though he already sees me as the best.

Secondly, was my distinct and continual internal struggle about the direction I was already on. I know for me hospitality is transitional. I enjoy it and right now it works for myself, my children and my life. That I am happy with. The degree I am doing, not so much. It felt like a case of doing it to just do it, as opposed to having passion and wanting to. Now I don’t know about you, but I do not seem to be able to do that. I am not the person who will just finish a degree to pursue a career I don’t enjoy, to live to work and then die. That is not my idea of why we are put on this earth. I believe I have a purpose, a reason, a gift to give this world and my journey is helping me discover what that is. So due to my dissatisfaction on my direction, my mind is always wandering and my eyes are always on the look out for other options.

Thirdly, and this is something I want to go into again in my next post, I have had what I can only describe as a multitude of recent “help” from the spiritual realm. Now stay with me. I know how people can automatically assume those talking this sort of thing can be either mentally unstable or high on some mind altering substance, I can assure you I was in fact of sane mindset and sober when all of these spiritual events occurred. As I mentioned, I will go over the events in depth in the next post, but the general gist is a visit from my late grandfather whilst at the Charkra Retreat and a Soul and Guidance Reading that has been on point with opportunities that would come up in my life for me to take advantage of.

I do apologise if this seems a little disjointed today, and the above is a little confusing. My intention is to introduce it today purely to show my openness to the topic of the spiritual and psychic realm and how I have found that by allowing these influences into my life, has positively benefited me. Again, more next post if you’re interested, but my whole blog is not solely focused on this from here on out. Just thought I should clarify. I don’t want to alienate people who find this topic uncomfortable.

Anyway, here I am. Open. Available. Curious. Brave. Interested. Searching. Willing. And there, on my Facebook Newsfeed comes up the opportunity of this amazing LifeCoaching course. I read it. It sounds amazing. I think to myself, whoever ends up getting into that is going to be on cloud nine. Then I thought, hang on a minute. Why can’t it be me? Why can’t I be the person who’s picked for this life changing experience? Why do I automatically assume to myself it’s not possible for me? So with a shaking hand, a ridiculously large lump in my throat and my heart thumping a million miles an hour, I click the “submit your interest” button. Then I sit there telling myself over and over again that the worst that could happen is that I am told no.

Then the wait. It’s torturous. You begin to question; Did I click the button properly? Where my details correct? Did they just think my application was a joke? Are the positions already filled? What was I thinking? Why am I eating so much chocolate? Then finally 2 days later, I received a call. A phone interview. Fate stepped in here. I honestly believe that.

You see normally in these situations, I would freak. But on this particular day, I had my children at Taekwondo, nipping at my feet for snacks, uniforms, water bottles, colouring in items while they waited for class to start and any other possible thing they could think of to ask me. The benefit of this for me was my mind wasn’t able to focus on any form of fear I was feeling as I had to use all of my cognitive functioning just to listen and answer the questions I was being given. And my answers seemed to just flow out. I was asked in for a face to face interview. Score!

Again, fate steps in. A cancellation comes up on the only day and time I had available in my week to go in for a face to face. With only 8 positions available and the interview process coming to a close, it was definitely my lucky day. So we meet and instantly we clicked! It was honestly like walking into something I had done all my life. I felt comfortable. I felt confident. I felt capable. I felt like I could breathe because finally the steps I am taking are sending me down the right path. And the feeling is amazing.

I am ecstatic. I can not wait to begin this course in July and get the ball rolling. I love that this is finally going to enable me to do what I’ve always loved to do but on a greater scale. Love, nourish, encourage and nurture people to see their true potential. If you could only see me now. Squealing with excitement and anticipation.

Everything is well in my world. I hope you’re all having a win too.

Dream. Believe. Achieve

Much love, Michelle xxx


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